Welcome to Century Drum Shop!

Established in 2013, Century Drum Shop is the place to go in Toronto for vintage and handmade percussion. We buy, sell, trade, consign, and repair old drums, cymbals and hardware and even offer drum lessons in the shop. While emphasis is towards vintage and antique drums and percussion, we also carry new hand made cymbals and other hand built percussion pieces. We are professional drummers with many years of playing and touring the world under our skirts, and it’s our pleasure to share the love and knowledge that we have accumulated in all our years of messing with this stuff.

New Arrivals:

  • 1990s
    Hammered Bronze (13" x 3")
  • Late 60's
    The Beloved Set-O-Matic Tom Mount!
    Champagne Sparkle (20, 12, 16")
  • 1980's
    9-Ply Mettalic-Red Phonics Series (22, 13, 14, 16")
  • 2000's
    Traditional Series. Thin w/ Rivets 1150 g.
    Sizzle Ride (19")
  • 1950's
    Black Oyster Pearl Re-Wrap. These Leedy's are the best IMHO!
    Leedy & Ludwig
    Broadway Standard (14" x 5.5")
  • 1950's
    Nickel Hardware.
    Pioneer (14" x 6.5")
  • 1960's
    Mid 60's with matching 4.5" snare. Sweet wrap!
    Blue/Green Multi-Brilliant (12, 14 x 4.5,16, 20")
  • 1980's
    Orig heads, Near Mint!!
    Beverly Premier's (22,13,14,16")
  • 1950's
    Dark & Smokey. Al says sounds like 'Village Vanguard'. 1665g.
    'Avedis' (19")
  • 1940's
    Trans Stamp! 1482g.
    'Avedis' (18")
  • 1950s
    WMP Excellent Condition, Orig. Calf Reso Head
    Classic Snare Drum (14" x 5")
  • 1980's
    Hammered Bronze, Die Cast Rims, Upgraded Throw
    SupraPhonic (14" x 5.5")